Major Technology and Telecommunications Providers Make Advances

Many companies are making advancements in the cloud space. IBM is providing a way for internet users to enjoy private cloud environments when using the IBM Cloud which helps to balance your workload. IBM announced new hardware and cloud offerings designed to simplify data, services, and application within a hybrid cloud space.

The same technology provider has also introduced the z Systems which is a service that gives operational insights, analytics, and ongoing benchmarking. With z Systems, developers can build data-driven applications. The new application allows developers to build data driven applications even without mainframe skills. Companies can capitalize on on-premises investments while adapting.

Cloud projects enable you to create and support new business models. OpenStack-based cloud management and elastic models are allowed with the new IBM Power Systems designed for cloud. IBM is looking to increase the acceleration of the IBM Power platform. Hillery Hunter, director of Systems Acceleration and Memory for IBM Research has stated that acceleration is what is necessary to take steps towards innovation. ZTE is a major provider of telecommunication services as well as enterprise and consumer technology solutions internationally.

ZTE and Tencent have been working together to develop the most energy efficient mobile modular data center, Tencent West Lab. The West Lab operates a smart management system that utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) management, a new advancement in micro modular data centers. The data center created by Tencent and ZTE puts major technological breakthroughs on display such as cooling, design structure, control, management, and a power usage effectiveness (PUE) level of 1.0665.

The power supply for the system is unique, it combines solar photovoltaic with HVDC, and mains power. The West Lab data center is the first in China to put indirect evaporative free cooling technology into an actual business application. West Lab has achieved an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 16.0, which is greater than five times the efficiency of traditional mechanical compression cooling AC systems.