Emerging Trends of Micro Data Centers

Flash based storage is growing in popularity Flash-based storage has been found to be more efficient than HDD-based storage. It also has 40 times better input/output performance than hard disks, using 50 percent less power. The lead analyst of Technavio

Why Cloud Computing Continues To Emerge

Micro modular data systems play a role in making the IoT possible, by providing the infrastructure. Business owners will need a way to keep up with the demand of IoT and the massive amount of data that comes with it.

Major Technology and Telecommunications Providers Make Advances

Many companies are making advancements in the cloud space. IBM is providing a way for internet users to enjoy private cloud environments when using the IBM Cloud which helps to balance your workload. IBM announced new hardware and cloud offerings

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things can be defined as an interconnected network of real-world physical objects capable of communicating without human interaction or an IP. It is also defined as a network of physical objects that have technology embedded in them so they can interact with themselves or their external environment.

Some businesses in the market are estimating immense growth of the micro modular data center industry by 2020. The internet develops quickly in a short period of time. Micro modular data centers may be the best way for the IoT to grow, as traditional data centers will have far too much latency and lead to frustrated consumers.

The number of devices anticipated to be connected to the IoT by 2020 is a staggering 20 billion to 50 billion devices. These devices range from wearable to sensors located inside a smart building. An example of a smart building would be pipes fitted with sensors so they can detect water leaks and monitor the performance and health of other parts of the system.

The containerized model data center

The prefabricated AST Modular system produced by a company of the same name is a unique kind of data center. It’s designed to be deployed rapidly and engage in high-density computing at a lower cost than a traditional data center. You can become operational in a far less time with an AST Modular system than with a traditionally built center.

The containerized datacenter is a fully portable ISO container which is also available as a standalone power and cooling module and even a standalone IT unit. The high functionality is why this is known and referred to as a “plug & play”. You’re getting all the required components to run a data center operation.

The AST Modular unit can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -50 to +150 C. An uninterruptible power supply is available along with cooling components. The unit is incredibly easy to send to remote locations and beginning using it immediately. The AST Modular containerized data center doesn’t cause issues when it comes to space & power limitations and operational costs. These all-in-one units provide a fully functional data center in one of the standard sizes, 20’, 40’, and 53’.

The AST Modular system has many benefits including:

    • Can be used by small, medium, and large size business owners
    • Survives any kind of weather condition whether cold or a flooded region
    • Consumes less energy and is more efficient than the larger, traditional data center.
    • Provides a strong data network with less power
    • Costs less to purchase and less to maintain
    • Easy to scale by adding more components as the demand arises

Another great option for business is a container data center built with the most efficient technology on the market, powered by Instant Data Centers.